About Global Bridge Impact and What We Do

Global Bridge Impact, Inc. (GGI) has a Certificate of Incorporation with the Department of State in 2015, as a not-for-profit corporation and the first Congolese people led independent nonprofit organization in Buffalo, New York. 

BGI is established to assist the growing community of people from Central and Western Africa in order to provide services and resources for integration into life in America. 

Our Mission 

To assist refugees and immigrants with issues they are facing, including, but not limited to language barriers, cultural adjustment and to provide assistance with services and resources. We also strive to promote an understanding of American culture, law and legal system.

Our Vision


    Create a knowledgeable and self-sufficient immigrant population

Global Bridge Impact, Inc. (GBI) works to promote an understanding of American culture, the fostering of self-sufficiency
 and the advancement of public awareness of the various issues among refugee and immigrants' basic needs;  initially focusing on but not limited to. 

          To aid the poor and distressed

          Eliminate prejudice and discrimination 

          Promote the social welfare and defend human and civil rights secured  by law 

         To collaborate with stakeholders in Buffalo including    government, refugee resettlement agencies and other          organizations -addressing the needs of growing African people.

 Application Services assistance for 

- School registration (BPS) 

-  Food stamp (SNAP) 

-  Medicaid, Public assistance (PA) 

-  Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and 

    -Re-certification for Department of Social Services (DSS) 

We offer referral free of charge with following issues involving

-    Housing

-       Family Matters

-       Public Benefits- Health and Disability

-        Immigration Matters

-        Labor & Employment

-        Consumer Issues

-        Education 

 Company Name: Global Bridge Impact Inc


New York (NY) 


November 10, 2014     175  Potomac Ave  , Buffalo, NY 14213

Our mission is to educate and empower refugees and immigrants in Buffalo and Erie County, while preserving their traditions, languages and cultures that bond to a dynamic community. 

Ongoing Vision:

Our vision is to help build a community that strengthens families to self- sufficiency and become active citizens in society.



We believe in hard work and perseverance in order to improve the quality of life while creating hopes for refugees and immigrants.